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     Bonded Area
    We have professinal Teams at Ningob Free Trade Zone,Ningbo MeiShan Free Trade Port Zone and Ningbo Airport Logistics Park.And we also have excellent agents in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Yangshan Bonded Port Area,Shanghai Pudong Airport Bonded Zone, Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen Yantian bonded port area and Hongkong.
    Shipping services, covering the major ports around the world, in all parts of the world have experienced business agents, they have Zhuanye shipping knowledge and can provide first-class agency services to the local import and export of Xiangguanchengxu know very well that to ensure transport of goods safely. With major shipping companies have long-term stable cooperative relations with Europe, the United States, Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and several other advantages route. Reasonable prices, good service, can save more cost for the client. We also provide built-in, follow-up services such as door to door and customs.
     Air transport
    In the current era of high stress, fast, on time to their destination as if the goods have become the primary conditions of air transport services. Airline companies and the world has maintained good relations of cooperation, in particular operation, through our many years experience in the air, so we can select the most appropriate and efficient air routes, so in the shortest possible time to send the goods flawlessly reach the destination.
    Relying on a strong network of agents abroad and create a good international logistics distribution process and the domestic transport system, can provide FCL, LCL and air cargo transportation services imports.Operation by a professional team, to achieve smooth operation of a one-stop import service, enterprises can fully meet the timeliness and cost control for the demand.
     Import and export customs declaration, inspection
    Customs clearance, commodity inspection as an important international transport part, we have been in the attention. Chong Cheng Logistics to provide customers as secure as possible, simple, fast, economic, customs declaration and clearance operations.
    In the concept of supply chain management, warehouse storage will directly affect the quality of logistics services, warehouse quality is crucial in the logistics services, we are committed to ensuring the warehouse environment and supporting facilities to meet customer requirements.
    Creative process of cooperation of international logistics team can provide customers with a comprehensive network of inland transportation. We should require the delivery of goods to customers throughout the interior. Team Scheduling will be arranged according to the actual situation of the transport route every day to make transit more efficient, smooth, to avoid delays and improve the overall transport efficiency.
     Multimodal transport operations
    Agency to provide sea-iron / iron sea, sea and air transport, supporting services, Empty, railway cross-border transport services.
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