1.       Import bonded warehouse

The owners can first store the imported bonded goods in Bonded Logistics Zone and then import the bonded goods at the right time into domestic market in the way of centrality customs declaration and batch out of zone.


2.  Export tax rebates and Bonded carry-out

   Domestic production can get the tax rebate after customs declarations in Boned Logistics Zone as like as being exported,and then can be carried over in the way of boned import or electronic networking to the bonded factories outside for the next processing.


3.       International transit and Secondary LCL

After unboxing reorganization and the secondary consolidation,the domestic and foreign LCL cargos from different port of discharge transited in Bonded Logistics Zone will send to the same port of destination home and abroad.


4.       International procerement and Value-added processing

Domestic production can be transported into Boned Logistics and declared to get the tax rebate,while international production can be transported in and be sent directly to the foreign buyers in Bonded Logistics Zone after value-added services of goods (affixed label,packaging,play tray,inventory of goods,inspection,secondary processing,etc.), re-packing and shipment,which acconding to the requirements of foreign buyers.This approach omitted the process of picking and processing warehouse goods in foreign countries,which saves the logistics cost.


5.       Foreign trade and Entreport trade

The Boned Logistic Zone can be used as the warehouse of the domestic factory,where the finished production can be transported into and be stored after obtaining the export rebates in the way of export (the oversea production can be directly stored in the way of being bonded) and will be sold to the foreign customers on a good marketing condition,finally achieving foreign trade and transit trade,accleerating the pace of cash flow and relieving financial pressure.


6.       The Exhibition of production and After-sale services

Samples home and abroad can be exhitited permanently in Boned Logistic Zone for domestic and foreign merchant.


7.       Others

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